JC Pringle Foundation Inc

JC Pringle Foundation, Inc.

Who We Are

With dreams of being philanthropists and a heart to serve others, we decided to turn our passion into a foundation. Jonathan has 13 years of experience in serving others in the community. He assisted in distributing food at local churches and government agencies to individuals and families who are food insecure. He also volunteered with Maranatha Gospel Hall with the “Back to School Bookbag” give away and distributed turkeys to citizens in the community. He worked Community Clean-Up and the” Beautification Project” in the District of Columbia. He is devoted to giving to others in their time of need or distress. He originated and stand by his motto that a “Warm Heart Warm Souls.”

Cheketa has 20 years of experience in serving others, 9 years of small scale philanthropic giving, and it is with great pleasure and joy that she gives hugs to those she encounter. She is known to sacrifice self to make sure that others needs and desires are met before she attends to her own. In the past, she has volunteered with feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving day, worked with American Red Cross, and various Food Banks. She currently devote her time to minister to others through intecessory prayer, liturgical dance and pageantry, Godly counsel, and giving.

We believe that we have been saved by grace to bless others. Together we want you to know that God loves you and He wants you to experience His love.

JC Pringle Foundation
“Warm Heart Warm Souls”