JC Pringle Foundation Inc

Where A "Warm Heart Warm Souls"

Our Purpose

JC Pringle Foundation Inc. acts as a partner to alleviate our customers of the burden of food insecurity. Our non- profit organization has a vision and mission to provide scholarships and tuition assistance to students seeking higher education in religious studies or pursuing the call of GOD on their life. We also provide food distribution and personal care packages to at risk, vulnerable, and food insecure, adult men, women, families, homeless, and disabled veterans. Through our partnerships and donors our foundation will create a safe environment and confidential relationship with our clients to provide the basic essentials needed for everyday life.

Our Plan

Our team is passionate about serving others and giving their time to benefit the community. We will provide food distribution bi-weekly. Emergency services by an individual or government referral only. Emergency services are customized to the individual needs of the client. We will also provide scholarship and grant assistance by an application based process. Our desire is to assist others in achieving physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Our Perspective

We are committed to LEAD on the Day-to-Day needs and Support Services for our clients from initial contact through independence. Our Core Values: